Pure Colourless Artifact Deck: Rare Metals 9.0

This deck works in 4 main phases:

  1. Use the lands and colourless mana generating artifacts to generate as many colourless mana as possible;
  2. Put in place one of the infinite mana combos;
  3. Use the infinite mana to build your indestructible army or search and set your winning condition;
  4. Win the game with the things you have set in the battlefield.

On the sideboard I will keep some viable cards to the deck to give it some extra options and in the maibeboard I will place the cards that I'm interested in test in the deck or those that are already being tested.

Current Combos:

Banned and Restricted cards that are on radar for possible future use:

Removed Cards:

Akroma's Memorial / All Is Dust / Basalt Monolith / Chimeric Mass / Codex Shredder / Colossus of Akros / Darksteel Colossus / Dead-Iron Sledge / Doubling Cube / Dreamstone Hedron / Everflowing Chalice / Forcefield / Grafdigger's Cage / Library of Leng / Lightning Greaves / Lodestone Golem / Magma Mine / Mirrorworks / Nevinyrral's Disk / Ornate Kanzashi / Ring of Three Wishes / Skyship Weatherlight / Spine of Ish Sah / Strionic Resonator / Trinisphere / Urza's Mine / Urza's Power Plant / Urza's Tower / Walking Atlas / Whispersilk Cloak / Wurmcoil Engine

This is all the cards that were on the deck at some point but were removed. They may be included again if needed.

Deck main Weaknesses:

  1. Cards that can gain control over artifacts.
  2. Cards that can destroy Artifacts. Most of this danger comes from red cards with low cost and copying effect.
  3. Cards that can stop you from activate artifact abilities.
  4. Cards that can force / stop you from / Artifacts.
  5. Cards that can destroy nonbasic / all lands.
  6. Cards that can force / stop you from / nonbasic / all lands.
  7. This deck relies on making his cards indestructible so any card that can exploit these effect weak points will give you problems. These weak points are:

Swiftfoot Boots can be equipped to any creature to counter 1, 2, 3, 4.1, 7.1, 7.2 & 7.3 and you can use Karn, Silver Golem to transform regular artifacts into artifact creatures until the of the turn so you can equip it in any artifact you need protect during your turn. Same goes to the combo of Glaring Spotlight with Karn, Silver Golem that unlike Swiftfoot Boots will protect every artifact ( other than artifact lands and cost ones ) not just one, but can be used only once.

Honourable Mentions:

All my other decks


Updates Add

After 7 Updates this deck is now very close to a final stage where there is nothing more to update on it ( at least until new expansions that contain cards that will improve this deck get released ). But still there are some last changes I want do to it before I lay it to rest and start invest my time in other decks. This changes are mainly related to the cards play ratio, because after spend some time looking at the statistics of the last 100 games of each card when they were in the main deck I noticed that 3 cards had a very low play rate compared to the average play rate of all cards so I decided remove them from the deck. These cards are:

  • Everflowing Chalice from the main deck, because 68% time I got this card in hand there was a better option to produce mana in my hand so it kept been delayed and delayed to the point that ended most of those games with it still on my hand.
  • Trinisphere and Lodestone Golem from the sideboard, because even though this 2 cards are useful both individually and combo together, they just dont suit my play style. I tend to be an offensive player that likes play fast combos and win the games in the fastest and most powerful way possible, while this 2 cards are more suited to a more defensive oriented control deck ( this only based on my point of view and play style ) turning them second choise cards for me.

Taking the place of Everflowing Chalice in the deck will be Semblance Anvil that will accelerate the pace in that artifacts will enter in the field turning this deck more fast, and for the place of Trinisphere and Lodestone Golem in sideboard goes Thousand-Year Elixir that will accelerate the use of abilities and Copper Gnomes that will alternate with Quicksilver Amulet as an hand to field tutor.

Nevinyrral's Disk was tested in deck but I still find Lux Cannon more useful so it was removed from it.

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