Infinite combinations with Forerunner of the Empire

The combo of Forerunner of the Empire, Raptor Hatchling and then Frilled Deathspitter and Heroic Intervention to inflict infinite damage to your opponent (possible from turn 5), other infinite combos, but I like the idea of going infinite with Polyraptor, Heroic Intervention and Forerunner of the Empire.

Turn 5 Win

Turn 1 - Forest and Commune with Dinosaurs

Turn 2 - Mountain and Drover of the Mighty

Turn 3 - Forest and Forerunner of the Empire

Turn 4 - Plains and Raptor Hatchling, with maybe another Drover of the Mighty

Turn 5 - Mountain and Heroic Intervention and Frilled Deathspitter for infinite damage.

Other infinite combos could occur later in the game....


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After some play-testing it is clear that leaving out Ghalta, Primal Hunger (if you have them) is not a good idea. Against an agro deck, Temple Altisaur can be a game-saver

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