Sometimes a little chaos is in order. - Scrambleverse

This deck is not designed to win, it's designed to turn a game of magic into a chaotic game of chance. If a card involves flipping a coin or random selection, you bet your ass it's in here. If players have to exchange control of each others' permanents, that's in here too. If it seriously screws up the game state in any way at all, I have it. Who knows what crazy antics will unfold?

Examples of the insanity I wish to unleash: Scrambleverse, Grip of Chaos, Eye of the Storm, Risky Move, Confusion in the Ranks, Warp World, Thieves' Auction, Hive Mind, etc. Oh, and duplicate all the effects with Strionic Resonator. Bonus points for resolving Eye of the Storm and Hive Mind at the same time (pseudo-infinite combo). I only wish Chaos Orb and Shahrazad weren't banned...

Maybeboard = expensive cards I'm not ready to splurge on for a silly deck like this, plus a few I'm just not sure about. Any value cards in the deck, like Consecrated Sphinx, are there because I already own them for another EDH deck.

Sideboard = Silver-borderd cards I'd like to use if you let me :) I usually just shuffle it all in to make a 125-card deck. I'm using Un-cards anyway, rules be damned.


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Dropped White and switched commanders from Ruhan of the Fomori to Jhoira of the Ghitu. Her ability should enable me to wreak havoc quicker, while dropping white should help solidify my mana base.

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