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Ramp with farseek and ranger's path, and Dawntreader Elk if the situation calls for it.

Destroy your enemy's lands with Bramblecrush, Acidic Slime, Rite of Ruin, and Tyrant of Discord.

Destroy all your enemy's creatures with Blashphemous Act, Bonfire of the Damned, Mizzium Mortars, Devil's Play, and even kill the nasty Hexproof guys with Rite of Ruin.

Copy any of these excellent spells with Chandra! Copy Rite of Ruin to destroy everybody's lands and creatures and slowly kill them 1 point of damage at a time!

Garruk is pretty good too.

Disclaimer: This deck doesn't work every time. But when it does work your opponent will hate you with a fiery passion. Starting your 5th turn with 5 lands while your opponent has a full graveyard and empty board will not make you many friends.


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