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Ramos - Super Boss with Lotsa Friends!

Commander / EDH Five Color Superfriends Theme/Gimmick Tribal




This deck intends to take advantage of two things: (1) Ramos' ability to let you cast whatever you want in a 5 color setup; and (2) take advantage of some of the new legendary rule in regard to planeswalkers. In a way, this lets us try some new exciting things. Since this is my first go at it, lend me your suggestions!

  • So, Gideon Tribal?

  • Should I double down on other walkers more?

  • Is the land base okay? I feel like I have too many enter-as-tapped lands in there. Thoughts? I did add Land Tax

  • Is my lack of instants a problem? I did lean toward utilizing cascade with things like Maelstrom Wanderer and Maelstrom Nexus

  • Is my lack of red walkers (i.e. Chandra) a problem?

  • I added in some alternate win-con cards such as Door to Nothingness and Progenitus. Both are essentially free cards with Ramos' ability. Do you feel that takes away from the flavor?

Let me know!


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Added Chandra, Torch of Defiance


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