A combo deck that relies on knowing the path to both ramping quickly and assembling several different combo pieces to get infinite mana and a few different ways to spend all that infinite mana. Ideally, I wait until I'm sure I can generate infinite mana and win in the same turn, barring any interaction or counter magic.

There's a strong land subtheme in this deck that fuels much of the engine of the deck. I run all 10 Ravnica karoos like Izzet Boilerworks , Golgari RotFarm, Dimir Aqueduct , and things that work well with it like Blood Sun which allows these lands to enter untapped and immediately tap for 2 mana, and Amulet of Vigor to get immediate value from that mana and also interact with landfall shenanigans like Stone-Seeder Hierophant , Lotus Cobra , Horn of Greed etc.

The most consistent way to win is to get one of our mana dorks that untap lands enchanted with either Pemmin's Aura or Freed from the Real which with a karoo that generates blue mana, can give us infinite mana to spend on big X spells like Villainous Wealth , Blue Sun's Zenith or other mana sinks like Thrasios, Triton Hero or Zacama, Primal Calamity to wipe everyone's entire field and gain infinite life while we're at it.

This deck can have very explosive turns and generate a ton of mana through our untapping dorks and the commander, Ramos, Dragon Engine to either hit our opponents for lethal commander damage very quickly or to cash in all of that mana to get us closer to assembling one of our combos.

This deck is one of my favorites that I've worked on, and piloting the deck is a lot of fun if you enjoy making big plays and drawing tons of cards but still like just occasionally killing people with commander damage.


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