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Ramirez DePietro - Terror of the High Seas EDH

Commander / EDH* Casual Multiplayer Theme/Gimmick UB (Dimir)



Thieving Magpie = Carnivorous Death-Parrot - I want this deck to be displayed as legal for the Commander format!

My Ramirez DePietro EDH deck. I am trying to foil out this deck as much as possible, so if you have any foil versions of the non-foil cards in this deck up for trade, please let me know!

When I was looking through my cards I found my old Ramirez DePietro from Legends and immediately thought of building a pirate themed EDH deck with him at the helm. I also want to give credit to mtgsalvation.com as I got some of my ideas for the card choices from there.

This deck is mostly used in FFA multiplayer matches (usually 4 or more players) or in 2-headed-giant matches. The deck was not built to be the strongest possible, but to be as flavorful as possible. You'll have a lot of fun playing it if you not only play the cards but also tell some stories (seaman's yarn) when you play them. After all this goes very well with the flavor text on Ramirez "Ramirez DePietro is a most flamboyant pirate. Be careful not to believe his tall tales, especially when you ask his age.". You also should try to talk a bit like a pirate when playing this deck, for example your opponents can be adressed as "ye lazy landlubbers" or if someone counters your spell you say somethign like "good parry, but the next stroke will be right through your heart". There's endless possibilities at how you can give this deck a very personal touch by talking while you play it.

Here is what I thought of when I included the cards:

the crew

Fifteen men on a dead man's chest Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum ...

Ramirez DePietro - the captain of this vessel
Carnivorous Death-Parrot - every pirate captain needs a parrot to sit on his shoulder!
Sakashima the Impostor - second in command, can spin seaman's yarn almost as good as Ramirez
Deadeye Navigator - every ship needs a navigator
Sindbad - I use the german version of this card because it's name is Sindbad the Seafarer
Talas Warrior
Seasinger - was one day encountered sleeping on a lonely sandbar, taken by surprise and pressed into service at Ramirez's ship
Nephalia Smuggler
Hostage Taker
Merfolk Assassin - the guy for the dirty work
Shoreline Salvager - someone always will have to clean up after the fight
Thada Adel, Acquisitor
Kukemssa Pirates
Old Man of the Sea - once the captain of his own vessel he was abandoned on a remote isle by his crew after a successfull mutiny on his ship, is now employed on Ramirez's ship as the cook
Sygg, River Cutthroat

a pirate's ships
Pirate Ship
War Barge - a spanish galleon, loaded with treasures

a pirate's tools
Mystic Compass
Grappling Hook
Explorer's Scope
Expedition Map - to find the hidden treasure a map can be very helpful
Skull of Orm - ain't no pirate without skulls!
Vedalken Shackles - "throw him in the brig and put him in irons"
Powder Keg
Elixir of Immortality - a bottle of rum

treasure cards
Treasure Trove
Treasure Cruise
Stolen Goods
Murderous Spoils
Mask of Riddles - very shiny treasure

the dirty deeds that pirates do
Coastal Piracy
Take Possession
Steal Artifact
Blatant Thievery
Steal Enchantment
Submerge - also known as keelhauling
Capsize - your ship will do this after the pirates are finished with it
Walk the Plank
Spelljack - better known as hijacking
Desertion - pirates won't desert, but your crew surely will when they meet Ramirez and his lot
Carry Away

a pirate's attitudes
Corrupted Conscience
Leyline of Anticipation - a pirate's sixth sense is to be able to anticipate the moves of his enemies
Damnation - a pirate's life usually ends in damnation
Underworld Connections - you need those in the pirate business

Krakens and Leviathans (every pirate deck needs 'em!)
Wrexial, the Risen Deep
Scourge of Fleets
Stormtide Leviathan

the treacherous weather on the high seas
Spreading Seas
Devastation Tide
Whelming Wave

locations of interest to a pirate
Rishadan Port
Jwar Isle Refuge - the perfect hideout of Ramirez and his crew, just look at the card's artwork!
Dreadship Reef - you'll need a (expedition) map to navigate through the waters there
Lonely Sandbar - where Ramirez met the Seasinger
Remote Isle - where Ramirez met the Old Man of the Sea
City of Shadows - I thought of the old pirate friendly locations like Tortuga or Port Royal when I added this card - a place where you can restock your supplies, hire new crewmembers but also loose some of your crewmembers (because of too much drink and gambling, etc.)
Coral Atoll
Bojuka Bog
Dark Depths - you better stay away from there!
Watery Grave - this is where you'll end if you mess around with Ramirez and his lot
Unknown Shores - a pirate's voyage often takes him to unknown shores
High Market - a place to trade or sell your loots


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