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Athreos, wololoing Orzhov style

Modern Devotion Enchantment Humans W/B (Orzhov)



Wahoo, reached rank 1 with this one, ty all!

Never thought this idea could go viral like this, but well, as it seems the unconventional ideas are sometimes the best :D But now let's dig into it:

For a long time I was fantasising of a god themed deck, finally found the time to build one around Athreos, God of Passage.

  • Athreos, God of Passage with his trigger of getting me back my creatures if they die, or if not, burn my opponent, is just so nice. In this deck it's not really necessary to get him out as creature, meaning reaching a devotion of 7
  • Creatures in this deck are targeting to make it very difficult for our opponent to just let em go back in my hand due their synergy. So you rather pay the 3 lifes, or the threat will be back just next round. Some even would profit from this loop, for instance Qarsi Sadist or Dutiful Attendant. Generally being able to sac all kind of stuff will enable us to be independent of if our opponent is blocking or not, even better we can swing for some more dmg with the protection (Cartel Aristocrat). Just take a look at the creatures, all of them should be obvsly helpful to follow our gameplan
  • Altar's Reap is helping to get a little drawpower with the nice sideeffect of sacrificing and abuse Athreos, God of Passage some more. Fatal Push gives us some more freedom controlling the board.
  • Last but not least: Wrath of God. Wiping the board while our god is indestructible is just priceless if you wanna see your opponent sweating about the sheer amount of choices he has to make. Combined with one or two Zulaport Cutthroats or a Xathrid Necromancer they probably are going to cry.

That was it, have fun discover all the mechanics in this deck and feel free to ask, also I'm always thankful for some inputs if there would be better options, especially for SB :)

Last but not least do not miss to check out Athreos Orzov Humans from subzero719 who took this deck as a base and gave it a slightly different touch.

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