STRATEGY: Smash face, very, very hard. And a lot, smash face a lot.


Fight to the Death + Odric, Master Tactician with this tricky little synergy you can make your opponent block some of your weenies, and then proceed to Fight to death, brutally ending your opponents most threatening creatures.

Celestial Mantle + Any card that would give the enchanted creature double strike, i.e, Berserkers' Onslaught

I'd like to mention that this deck is still in the works, so any feedback is really appreciated. In addition, many cards in the deck grant extra attack phases. So basically you can hit face twice with double strike, doubling your life total twice, and then hit face twice for the second attack phase, doubling your life total twice again.

Aurelia's Fury + Blaze Commando . Basically, ping stuff for any number of damage, and then proceed to make a very large amount of tokens. Not bad. Also if you have a Hellrider on the field, that can be pretty much game-winning.


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