Ever since Battle for Zendikar was in Standard, I've been really interested in Allies. So, I made an EDH deck. It's actually quite strong, especially when considering how powerful it is for how (relatively) inexpensive it is.


Turntimber Ranger + Arcane Adaptation = Infinite Wolves. With this, you can do a lot of different things, such as can combining this with Hagra Diabolist or Kalastria Healer to do an infinite amount of damage to players, or with Chasm Guide to immediately swing in for lethal on everybody, or with Kazuul Warlord or Cathars' Crusade to make your wolves swole.

Using graveyard recursion ( Rally the Ancestors , Command the Dreadhorde , etc.) to bring back Hagra Diabolist and other allies from the graveyard all at once can result in an insta-win. You can even board wipe then use the graveyard recursion to bring back everything with relative safety if need be.


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