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Ral, Storm Conduit Combo

Standard* RUG (Temur)


My take on the infinite combo with the new Ral that was spoiled from War of the Spark. For those who are not familiar with the infinite combo, here it is: Step 1: Resolve a Ral, Storm Conduit . Step 2: Either cast an instant or wait for my opponent to cast an instant or sorcery that I can copy with Expansion / Explosion . With Expansion / Explosion on the stack, cast a second copy of Expansion / Explosion targeting the first copy. This creates an infinite loop of Expansions copying each other, and Ral's static ability kills my opponent. In theory, this deck will cast a turn 2 Growth Spiral into a turn 3 Wilderness Reclamation while holding up either Sinister Sabotage , Chemister's Insight , or Ral's Outburst depending on the content of my hand and the context of the game. Turn 4 I cast Ral, Storm Conduit , and on my end step with the untap trigger from Wilderness Reclamation I have enough mana to cast either an Opt or a Shock , while also having enough mana to cast double Expansion.

Alternatively, this deck can win by casting a large Expansion / Explosion on my end step that I copy with Ral's downtick ability. Also to note of this deck list, it is entirely possible that only running 24 lands in this list is greedy and I should find a card to cut to add in the 25th land.


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