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Raksha's Pride (Story Time)

Commander / EDH



The sun rose as Raksha Golden Cub walked along his ranks of cat soldiers. With a Helm of Kaldra on his brow, a Sword of Kaldra in hand, and the Shield of Kaldra on his back, he looked down with fierce determination to his troops. They grew from fear towards him to a feeling of silent reverence. He trained them from lowly militia to a pride of well-trained and disciplined cats.

He quickly passed his general and lifetime friend Jareth, Leonine Titan . With the powerful Batterskull equipped, the largest cat amongst the whole pride was also the most intimidating. The batterskull helm laid upon his head and the colossal armor laid down his spine to protect him. The Titan was in fact the only cat large enough to wear the armor and not be crushed under its enormous weight. The two knew a deep understanding and respect that no two others amongst them could comprehend. When Raksha looked back in Jareth's rank and saw the giants and humans and changelings that he brought to battle with him, he felt uneasy. The only thought that Jareth was leading them allowed him to breath easy, for he was the Champion of the Pits.

When Raksha moved along and looked down into the eyes of Kemba, Kha Regent , he couldn't help but smile, getting one in turn from her as well. She was, by far the most aptly equipped of all the other leonine. Lightning Greaves on her feet, Sword of Fire and Ice and Sword of Light and Shadow on either of her hips, Sword of Body and Mind and Sword of Feast and Famine in hand, and Sword of War and Peace on her back. Raksha raised his sword and struck hers to test her mettle. She struck back just as hard, making both of them smile wider. Behind her was a legion of her four-legged feline kin. Raksha nodded to them with a deep and accepting smile.

He turned and put his blade in its sheath on his hip as he climbed a rock to look out on the razorgrass fields. As the waves of uncoordinated goblins and relentless nim came across the fields to seize what little they had and destroy their way of life, Raksha could only shake his head and think that those creatures will never learn. He pulled his helm low and retrieved his shield. He reached for his blade and threw it to the sky, the roar of a legend and a commander echoed across the plains and was followed in turn by his pride. The cats ran down the foothill while other cats took the skies to attack from above as the ranks began to charge. The great war had begun.



wrath6647 says... #1

I just bought the cards I need for this deck :X. It looks fun, and not super intimidating, when people see that I'm playing Sisay they all sigh, even though I play the deck horribly lol. Theres a few changes I'm going to make but its going to be a cat edh deck :D

March 1, 2012 11:55 p.m.

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