PREFACE: I'm looking for suggestions building this deck. I'm not currently building it, but I'm just putting down an idea for an EDH deck that I want to play. I'm all for actually building it though if I can get a build together that I really like.

This is NOT a deck that I own, but simply a thought brew. I've been hesitant to build an EDH deck because I don't play the format, don't visit many LGS shops to play, and when I see friends that play Magic, we typically just play casual format decks. But I've seen commander stuff pop up all over recently, and it seems like my friends are getting into commander more and more, so I'm putting a list together that I can build eventually.

Quick backstory, I ended up selling my cards a few years back to pay for christmas presents for my family, but held on to a couple cheap cards, and some other cards that held some meaning to me. One of those cards was Rakdos, Lord of Riots. I really wanted to build a dragon EDH deck, but I ended up building a dragon deck for my daughter recently, and decided that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. So I decided to try and build around Rakdos.

I wanted to try and go with a lifeloss/punish theme to the deck, where my opponents have to make difficult choices against my deck, but where there can be a lot of sacrificing on my behalf that causes lifeloss to the other players. So this is simply the beginning of my thought brew experiment. Be gentle in your criticism please. Or vulgar and terrible. This is a Rakdos deck after all.


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