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$9 Rakdos (Top 8 local Modern Tournament)

Modern Aggro BR (Rakdos) Budget Casual



So this is a funny story. I built this deck as a part of 10 decks built around the guilds from ravnica. These were ultra budget standard decks for beginners.

Cut to 1 year ago my biddy who got this deck from me takes it to a local modern charity tournamemt with 30ish people. I expexted the deck to get stomped. Much to everyones surprise he manages to place top 8 with this exact deck. He even beat modern tron (karns and the whole deal). Now this where his run ends. He places 8th nonetheless though.

I posted the deck because its funny and kind of cool and interesting to see the synergy from a very inexpensive deck.

We have been trying to remember what decks he faced since the meta wasnt entirely competitive but burn was there as well as Abzan Company along with the Tron deck.

He went 4-2 overall. We had 5 rounds then cut to top 8.


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