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Burn in Standard! How great is that?


In the one-drop slot I run Ghitu Lavarunner (aka. slow Goblin Guide ) and Fanatical Firebrand for some early damage.

As two-drops I have Viashino Pyromancer and Electrostatic Field . The Pyromancer shocks the opponent when it enters and might even get in an attack or two depending on the matchup. Electrostatic Field is great in some matchups as it blocks well and gives the burn spells an additional point of damage.


Shock , Lightning Strike and Wizard's Lightning are all spells which I can throw at my opponents face as well as troublesome early game creatures. I want to be fast so generally it's not worth it to use them on too many critters.

Sovereign's Bite is (almost) a standard legal Lightning Helix which is great in aggro matchups.

A couple of Lava Coil s is the only spells which doesn't go face, but they are great since they exile stuff like Arclight Phoenix .

But the most important spells are the 8 "punisher spells"; Risk Factor and Sword-Point Diplomacy . While they might seem bad, as they give the opponent a choice, in this deck the choice is: "do I want to take the damage now or later?"


No useless utilitiy lands here. Just red and black sources as far as the eye can see. Cinder Barrens is a necessary evil for the moment. When the next set is released I get to play Blood Crypt instead and all will be well in the world.


Banefire and Experimental Frenzy against control, Fight with Fire to deal with creatures like Lyra Dawnbringer , more Lava Coil s for Drakes and Phoenixes, Fiery Cannonade for tokens and white weenies. Finally an additional Electrostatic Field because I couldn't find anything else to squeeze in.


2018-11-22: Removed Angrath, the Flame-Chained and Vance's Blasting Cannons   from the sideboard. They seem to be too slow in the matchups where I brought them in. Will try Experimental Frenzy instead. This will probably make me cut some Diplomacies and Risk-Factors post-board in control matchups.


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