Welcome to clan Rakdos! This deck is all about dropping your hand full of huge fatties into play and swinging for the fences. It's aggressive, reckless, and fun as hell! A sub-theme of the deck is "The Downward Spiral" of life totals, and the inspiration for the name is the NIN album The Downward Spiral.

You'll like this deck if:

  • You love throwing down a ton of huge creatures all on the same turn for "free"
  • You like to party!
  • You're excited that you can "introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos" --The Joker
  • You enjoy being the villain
  • You find that your Commander buddies hate on players who say "I don't think so!" while playing counterspells

You won't like this deck if:

I use Adam Styborski's philosophy of active mitigation to design this deck. The main goal of the deck is to make sure that everyone's life total spirals downward to make exciting and memorable games of Commander. It plays aggressively and recklessly! I've organized the cards into categories to describe how the deck implements this philosophy.

Note that the "effective CMC" of this deck is (much) lower than the listed average CMC, due to Rakdos's ability.

Fun meter:

  • 2 colors: +2
  • Tutors: -4
  • Rakdos, Lord of Riots as Commander: +3
  • The Downward Spiral cards: +1
  • Fun factor (sum): +2

I'm always open to suggestions on how to improve the deck. If you comment, I would love it if you would suggest cards to take out for the cards you recommend.

Embrace the chaos and bring the pain!


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