Modern Rakdos Land Destruction. Disruption, ton of removals and focus to destroy lands.




wonderboyrox says... #1

Hey man. Nice to see a fellow LD lover. +1 for the Modern take on a classic salty deck theme. Out of curiosity, have you thought about adding in any Ghost Quarter's or Smallpox? I think both are very important and almost essential cards for a deck like this, especially when going for Modern legality. Smallpox helps get rid of a land, fits your hand disruption theme, as well as hits a potential big threat on the other side of the field. Seems almost odd for you not to be running it. And Ghost Quarter is the most effective Modern version of Strip Mine, able to hit so many of those highly expensive and sought after dual lands in almost every multi-colored competitive deck in Modern.

My own version of this deck does not currently land anywhere within current legal formats (other than casual), but I am looking to eventually make it at least Vintage legal in the future. Feel free to have a look though, perhaps it will offer some inspiration for your own: The Middle Finger Deck

November 15, 2017 10:19 a.m.

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