Removal: Dreadbore - Big scary creature? Annoying Planswalker? good-bye. Great removal spell for 2 mana! too bad it is a sorcery.

Murder - Nothing like a good murder to ruin an opponent's day. Yeah sure, i could Dreadbore on my turn, but when they drop Rakdos, Lord of Riots or some other scary buff dude, best to clean it off for my turn.

Tribute to Hunger - I get rid of something and gain life? sweet! As a bonus it can deal with Geist of Saint Traft? thank god.

Pillar of Flame - zombies? not anymore. Also good removal early game, saving the Murders and Dreadbore s for scarier things. also can hit planswalkers and players, but that is just a treat.

Board wipe:Mutilate - Better to take out that pesky Falkenwrath Aristocrat than most anything else. Also with Liliana of the Dark Realms ' -3 i can secure a creature and swing uncontested.

Creatures:Olivia Voldaren - I have three why not use them right? Oh, also she is really really good. Like really good.

Griselbrand - 7/7 lifelink flyer who, after swinging, pretty much refreshes my hand for that life i just bought? yes.

Shimian Specter - Kind of like Surgical Extraction only from your hand, i dig it.

Desecration Demon - force a sacrifice unless they want a 6/6 swinging turn 5. always something good.

Others:Rakdos's Return - Discard cards and lose life for x. i'm in combination with Liliana of the Dark Realms -6, causes a hell of a storm. Oh, also pretty good without that.

Liliana of the Dark Realms - +1 get me some sweet sweet land. -3 clear something annoying, or beef up a flyer for lots of damage. -6 Rakdos's Return never seemed like a better draw after this.

Diabolic Revelation - with the mana this deck often manages to get, great way to turn the tide. All you need is a little foresight and enough mana.

Underworld Connections - basically a Phyrexian Arena.

Sideboard: Duress - useful for getting rid of planeswalkers and other things that could well deter me.

Rakdos Charm - artifact removal, graveyard hate, token hate, need more reasons?

Slaughter Games - this is control, so taking out win-cons turn 4 is definitely something this deck needs and craves.

Tragic Slip - because for 1 black mana i can potentially kill a 13/13 indestructible. also good for small creature removal early game.

Pithing Needle - Planeswalkers got you down? hit them with the needle.

Volcanic Geyser - burn, burn, and burn. for those decks that don't rely too much on creatures. with the added bonus of being able to target creatures should they be worth the trouble.

Suggestions for main board alterations, and for side board are encouraged! thanks.


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