My goal with this deck is to create a somewhat casual group slug deck without spending more than $150.00. The deck's chief strategy is to set up Xantcha, Sleeper Agent as the table's draw engine and keep her in that position either by politics or force. Most of the cards in this deck exist to serve this strategy and keep it going.

I'm focused on creating an overabundance of resources for the table, primarily draw using Xantcha and a few other cards like Howling Golem , Humble Defector and two cards that use the monarch ability. I have four cards to gift mana including Mana Flare , Mana Cache , and Curse of Opulence . Also Rite of the Raging Storm , Curse of Disturbance and Varchild, Betrayer of Kjeldor allow me to gift creatures.

I'm also using named ability manipulation to help others or myself as needed. Noteworthy cards are Dauthi Embrace , Phyrexian Splicer , Power Matrix and the black and red vows.

To protect myself I'm mostly using defensive creatures that punish my opponents for touching me like AEther Membrane .

As far as formal win conditions go the deck produces enough mana to make Exsanguinate game ending. Psychosis Crawler can also act as a win condition.

Where I need help is with balancing the politics of the deck and card suggestions to improve the already existing strategies. I've found some unusual cards that fit very well with my theme and I've primarily made the deck to enjoy some of these cards.



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