The deck's chief strategy is to set up Xantcha, Sleeper Agent as the table's draw engine and keep her in that position either by politics or force. Most of the cards in this deck exist to serve this strategy and keep it going.

To keep Xantcha safe and attacking I've added cards to buff her up like Fists of the Demigod and cards to give her evasion like Dauthi Embrace.

To make use of Xantcha's ability for myself I've included a great deal of ramp and ritual cards.

To keep myself safe I'm using creatures like AEther Membrane and Royal Assassin to punish players for attacking me.

For win condition cards I'm going with Exsanguinate, Comet Storm and Psychosis Crawler. The deck can also burn out my opponent's with Xantcha or finish them with commander damage.



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