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Rakdos aggro deck 1st!!!

Modern Aggro BR (Rakdos) Budget Burn


This is my Rakdos aggro budget deck. This deck kills opponent in t4. When I play this deck on a little tournament in my city I was 2x time first.

Rakdos Shred-Freak or Hellspark Elemental can also be Spike Jester ( 1 less devotion).

If I can t win in t4 Demigod of Revenge is good finisher :S

Ash Zealot is also good, but you have to buy dual-lands (playing on mountain/swamp based mana pool is to risky with this card) better mana pool. Firs buy dual lands, and then you can place Ash Zealot in this deck

If you have got higher budget switch Rakdos Cackler for Vexing Devil, Stromkirk Noble should be replaced for Goblin Guide.


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