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Raise an Army, Win a War

Noble Aggro Burn Combo RW (Boros) Tokens


Entry for graft's Assemble the Legion contest.

Boros isn't my usual color choice, but here goes:

Assemble the Legion Noble. Every turn you make more and more soldiers to overwhelm your opponent.

Veteran Armorsmith + Veteran Swordsmith Buff up the tokens and eachother. Not to mention having great stats for their CMC.

Doomed Traveler + Raise the Alarm Early weenies who just so happen to benefit from the Smithies.

Suture Priest Whenever you gain a creature, you grow your resolve. Now if only we could have a massive influx of creatures every turn...

Thorn-Thrash Viashino Why have an army when you can have a giant alligator man?

Contagion Clasp + Volt Charge Help to groom the field while proliferating. Win-win!

Sunlance + Glacial Ray An off-color burn and an arcane burn. The sun shines bright over the battlefield.

Manamorphose + Desperate Ritual Ramps galore just for all you splicers!

Boros Charm, Dawn Charm , and Lapse of Certainty Offensive! Defensive! Everything you could ever want! And more! Counterspell- I must have it. Lapse of Certainty is actually a nice spell because it kills a turn of card-draw in addition to delaying a spell.

And the sideboard cards do... things. That are helpful.


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Thorn-Thrash Viashino is actually hilarious. I got him up to 36/36 in a playtest


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