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Rainbow Scarecrow 5x5




The strat. Im currently running is pretty self-explanatory. Get Reaper King out as quick as possible and drop changelings as often as possible to destroy permanents. Thats the point of the deck. I know theres a mana shortage so play with Druidic Satchel early and Amulet of Vigor to ensure maximum land usage. The key Ive found is draw as much as possible. (A fun little combo is to crank a Druidic satchel to play a land, if its not a land, get the 2 life or token then use Jace, Unraveler of Secrets to either put it on bottom or draw it if needed)I use the bringers of the dawn in rainbow for their 5 drop cost. Blue and black help get out reaper king as quick as possible and can be used to get a lot of cards in hand.

Just as much as a destroy permanents deck, this is a token making deck. Use Bringer of the Green Dawn and satchel to make a ton tokens every turn and use those to block instead of your changelings.

Drawing is important. Dropping 4 changelings to destroy 4 permanants, plus Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker to destroy non creatures, add in taking possession of one creature per turn with Bringer of the Red Dawn and a single turn changes the entire game on even some of the best set up boards. Use Shapesharer to copy your smallest creatures into your biggest one for some monster swings. But you can also use him to copy things into Skeletal Changeling for an easy regeneration.

This is a budget deck that I feel has some major potential especially if you can hold off until late game. Drawing 4 cards pre-draw with Bringer of the Blue Dawn and the possible free extra lands per turn with satchel can really help kickstart an offense and once reaper king is out and youre making creature drops every turn its easy to control your opponents. I use Nicol Bolas as a way to keep the oppenents from getting a ton of artifacts or land. Any small changes you can think of or good combos/strats to use to run this more efficiently would be helpful. Remember its budget so try not to add too much more value to it. Thanks in advance. Also feel free to upvote so more people can see and help.


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