So, my playgroup and I decided to try something new! This is what we came up with... So far it feels slightly too difficult but at the same time it is borderline fair. The format is best played with 4 players; 3 adventurers and 1 raid master. The Raid can be easily customized and consists of how many phases you like. We tested it with 4 phases as it made sense based on the number of players. Depending on which Raid Emblem you start with for the first phase, things can get rather difficult real fast.

So here are the four Raid Emblems we came up with for test purposes and might need revision; most of their effects are kept to their respective flavors. All rights reserved to Wizards of the Coast LLC for images re-edited in the following custom cards below;

The rule of the raid is simple. The 3 adventurers play the game of EDH as they would normally in multiplayer except they are all against the Raid Master. The Raid Master may mulligan his/her hand for free until they get a hand they are satisfied with. However, they must stop the mulligan as soon as they have a hand with 3 lands. The Raid Master may draw up to 2 cards at the start of their every turn. The Raid Master may only have any land card in their command zone. As for the Raid Emblems themselves; the key term "PHASE" applies when the emblem is flipped face up. The ability "Event!" applies when the token is removed from the battlefield. When "Event!" is applied, the Raid Master flips cards from the top of the Event Deck until they hit a card that can be cast and cast it for free. In this case, there are 4 Event Decks, one for each Raid Emblem.

Even Deck #1:

Event Deck #2:

Event Deck #3:

Event Deck #4:

It isn't necessary for the Raid Master to use the deck listed above, as any edh deck can be used. But the deck above is good to start with for both flavor and balance. Tweaks can be made based to the liking of your raid group. Any suggestions to mechanic fixes or balancing issues is recommended. We wanted to keep the rules simple and malleable, so that anyone with an EDH deck could participate.


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