Cheap Buff-rage Poison counter deck.

Basically, here's an optimal hand, and my main strategy.

T1- Put out a forest, and a Glistener Elf.T2- Put out second Forest, Giant Growth on Glistener, Groundswell on Glistener(Since a land was put out, Landfall becomes +4/+4), Mutagenic on Glistener (for 2 health)making Glistener a 10/10 with infect on T2.Attack, win with 10 poison counters.

Everything else is basically to stall, or chip away with poison counters. Even if this hand isn't pulled, it's a pretty speedy win.Any suggestions? Please upvote if you like this deck! :D

Proliferate is great, but, I can't justify it with this deck. It's pure haste rage.


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Assembled this deck last weekend, and played it against a friend ( OFABass ) running an incredibly cheap mana cost aggro white deck. ( reoccurring-dream )Out of around 20 matches, I had won about 14-15. The losing matches were mostly due to either getting mana screwed, or his armored ascension, Honor of the Pure, and Elite Vanguards poking me faster than I could infect. (His deck is pretty rad and fast)


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