TL;DR: Get Rafiq of the Many big with enchantments and Exalted and swing for game.

Okay, now we have Rafiq of the Many obviously, but I also have Favor of the Overbeing, Shield of the Oversoul, and Steel of the Godhead to build Rafiq up ASAP.

For some more synergy, I also put in Sovereigns of Lost Alara and Finest Hour to get not only 1, but 2 Enchantments onto Rafiq of the Many each turn, not to mention the Enchantments you might've already cast.

I could go on and on, but I'd be rambling. Of course, advice and suggestions are welcomed!


Replaced one Simic Keyrune for Eldrazi Conscription. Suggested by Reddit user possiblyoc.


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1 missing from calculation

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