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This is my voltron/pillowfort build for Rafiq. He is easily my favorite voltron commander; 4cmc, buffs himself and gives himself doublestrike out of the box, it really doesn't get much better than that. He's versatile in how you can build the deck around him. For example, I initially went straight aggro with nothing but auras and other creatures with exalted, then I added equipment, and finally after realizing that I needed to add some defense, I dropped most of the exalted creatures for utility and defense, and the deck plays very nicely now.

  • Flooded Strand - Fetch the colors I need.
  • Misty Rainforest - Fetch the colors I need.
  • Windswept Heath - Fetch the colors I need.
  • Cultivate - Easily one of the best cheap ramp spells in my opinion.
  • Explosive Vegetation - Great mid game ramp, also great for recuperating from any land destruction.
  • Farseek - Love this card, it can grab any nonbasic land with a basic land type other than forest.
  • Noble Hierarch - Perfect mana dork for this deck, only 1cmc, adds any of my 3 colors and has exalted to buff Rafiq.
  • Chromatic Lantern - Probably the best mana fixer in the game. It can tap for mana and makes all your lands tap for whatever you need.
  • Sol Ring - Need I say more?
  • Steelshaper's Gift - Gets me the equipment I need.
  • Stoneforge Mystic - Tutors for an equipment and the ability to put it or any equipment in my hand into play at instant speed.
  • Trophy Mage - Can only get get artifacts with cmc equal to 3, but 9/16 of my artifacts have a 3cmc so it works very well.
  • Enlightened Tutor - Whatever aura or equipment I need for 1cmc.
  • Worldly Tutor - Can't go wrong with getting any creature I need for 1 mana.
  • Aven Mindcensor - This will impact every opponent regardless of what they're playing.
  • Gaddock Teeg - Locks out big spells and finishers for most decks, giving me the time I need to attack for lethal.
  • Grand Abolisher - Anything that locks my opponents out of my turn so I can attack freely is important.
  • Stoic Angel - This card is amazing as I only attack with one creature anyways and it'll keep battlecruiser and token decks at bay.
  • Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir - Just like Grand Abolisher, but also allows me to cast my creatures at instant speed allowing me to be more reactive to my opponents.
  • Thalia, Heretic Cathar - Slows down creatures and mana of all my opponents.
  • Conqueror's Flail - Not only buffs the equipped creature, but locks my opponents out of my turn.
  • Defense Grid - Helps keep opponents from disrupting my turn.
  • Grafdigger's Cage - Helps lock out recursion and reanimate decks.
  • Aura of Silence - Makes it more difficult to for opponents to cast their tech while allowing me to destroy a pesky enchantment or artifact if needed.
  • Authority of the Consuls - Slows down opponents creatures and nets me a little bit of life as well.
  • Rest in Peace - The big hitter for taking out any recursion/reanimate decks.
  • Counterspell - Can't go wrong with the original.
  • Disallow - it's 3cmc, but I can target an activated or triggered ability which can be crucial.
  • Cataclysm - This is my finisher, I only need Rafiq an equipment and either an aura or Finest Hour and the game is over.
  • Silence - can lock all opponents out of my turn or or keep an opponent from stabilizing their board state and/or disrupting mine on their turn.
  • Elspeth, Knight-Errant - She does everything. Gives me fodder, buffs Rafiq and eventually makes everything indestructible.
  • Danitha Capashen, Paragon - Helps reduce costs of all auras and equipment, leaving free mana for defensive purposes.
  • Leonin Shikari - Instant speed equipping.
  • Puresteel Paladin - Card Advantage and makes my equip costs 0 if I meet the metalcraft requirement.
  • Qasali Pridemage - Exalted bonus and I can sacrifice to destroy an artifact or enchantment.
  • Sram, Senior Edificer - Card Advantage from every Aura and Equipment I cast.
  • Thassa, God of the Sea - Free scry every upkeep, and the ability to make a creature unblockable.
  • Finest Hour - One of the best cards in the deck. Any time you can give a voltron commander additional attack phases is huge; And since I run so many exalted triggers the second combat phase further buffs Rafiq, making it easier to obtain lethal damage.
  • Rhystic Study - In my opinion, the absolute best card advantage tool in the game.
  • Sigarda's Aid - Instant speed to cast auras and equipment and auto equip all my equipment.
  • Selfless Spirit - Great card to keep my creatures alive to fight another day.
  • Sigarda, Host of Herons - Huge helper against those pesky vampire and zombie decks, or other nasty control decks that force me to sacrifice my creatures.
  • Silent Arbiter - Plays to my strength, being a voltron deck. Only one blocker against Rafiq is a great mashup and totally shuts down token decks.
  • Darksteel Plate - Keeps the equipped creature alive while also being indestructbile itself.
  • Swiftfoot Boots - Hexproof and haste. Voltron Staple.
  • Dueling Grounds - Same as Silent Arbiter.
  • Ghostly Prison - Helps shut down token decks allowing me time and some wiggle room on how I use my creatures.
  • Sphere of Safety - Same as Ghostly Prison, only much more potent since I run a lot of enchantments.
  • Sterling Grove - Gives all my enchantments shroud and allows me to tutor for one I need or in response to a mass removal spell.
  • Heroic Intervention - Huge safety net for all of my Permanents.
  • Simic Charm - Gives hexproof to all of my Permanents or can give a a nice temporary boost to Rafiq that can help kill an opponent.

Thanks for looking! This deck has been a lot of fun developing over the years and I hope to continue to improve it.


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