This deck focuses on enchantment synergy to abuse enchantress type effects like Verduran Enchantress. Using enchantments whenever possible in deckbuilding, along with a bunch of tutors and hexproof creatures we quickly create some very powerful win conditions. The enchantress effects keep the hand full all the time. It's fun to play this deck. It can feel very combo, aggro, or control in the same game. It can react to multiple problems with single cards like Winds of Rath, Quarantine Field, Detention Sphere, & Grasp of Fate. And it has many paths to victory, with so many potent combinations between the pump spells and the creatures in the deck to pump.

Combos and Synergies:


Let me know if you have any ideas for the deck! Maybeboard is cards I already want to get for the deck. Thanks :)

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