A Rafiq Voltron/Pillowfort deck.

'Many' variations of card combinations and strategies to be had...


Hoping to play fast and efficiently: lots of tutor, ramp and card draw options. Enough 'No maximum hand size'. Solid pillow/defenders/defensive strategies. Equipment + Aura for defenders and attackers. Decent removal/delay options. etc...

Ideally looking to build up a forcefield of enchantments/trickery to 'seamlessly' protect myself and everything I control - meanwhile making it impossible, difficult, or slow for opponents to attack... All the time building up to a point when attack makes sense, and finishing the game off with a couple swings... that being said, no need to wait - attacking can happen most of the game.

Obviously, Rafiq can finish things quickly with Commander damage...(the option is always there)... Although in gameplay it's more 'fun' attacking(/winning) by other means. (personal opinion)

An exciting/useful combo noticed while building... Eternal Witness + Gift of Immortality + Skullclamp
...Any-card graveyard return and +2 card-draw per turn.. triggered by simply attaching Skullclamp.
Similar idea switching in Qasali Pridemage...sac for +2 card-draw and option of removal each turn.

[Untested...Don't have all the cards]

Comments/suggestions appreciated :)


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