This is a Voltron deck I made utilizing Rafiq's use of Exalted as well as just about every creature with Exalted in Magic: The Gathering, as well as a bunch of good equipment to stack on him and keep him buff.

The idea is to bring out several creatures with exalted, as well as equipment, bring out the commander and put those equipment on him, and swing alone with said Commander for high damage. Usually, by Turn 5, once he's ready to attack, you should be able to swing for 7 damage (Exalted stack from a creature per turn starting at the beginning of the game), and doubled to 14 due to Rafiq's ability. and it will only get immensely higher, especially with the high mana giving artifacts.

Please if you have any suggestions, give them so I can make this deck even better. Maybe starting with some better equipment to use, as said. This is a voltron deck.


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