This is my Raff Capashen, Ship's Mage Azorius/Artifact deck. I'm looking to use Raff Capashen, Ship's Mage in conjunction with Enduring Renewal , a pet card of mine, to win by combos, along with other value synergies. What jumped out at me with Raff was his ability to play at instant speed with Historic spells, which is what will allow Enduring Renewal to go infinite. What I need to really make the deck go is some sac outlets, and they are hard to find in and , but I've found some artifact options that will work. Here are some breakdowns.

Blue provides lots of good card draw options. Dictate of Kruphix , Well of Ideas , and Kami of the Crescent Moon benefit everyone at the table, but I don't mind. It can help out politically, and they're budget. Mulldrifter is solid and I have ways of reusing him. Sai, Master Thopterist will bring value to the artifact tokens I make, and Padeem, Consul of Innovation is situational card draw, but at times he'll pay off. He's mostly there for the artifact protection. Skullclamp is always good when 1/1 tokens are around, and Mentor of the Meek will take advantage of them as well. Rhystic Study and Jace Beleren are great. There are a few other situational options for card draw in the deck, but these will provide most of the consistent card draw.
Ramp is important, and I've approached it in a few ways, using accelerators, rocks, and a few dorks.

Mana Dorks

Mana Accelerators

Mana Rocks

Other Mana Help

  • Ashnod's Altar
  • Krark-Clan Ironworks
  • Blinkmoth Urn
  • Chief Engineer
  • Smothering Tithe makes mana rocks
  • I didn't want this deck to be all about an infinite combo; I also wanted to just be able to create value through deck synergy (who doesn't, right?). These token generators will help me get more value and provide expendable resources for synergy.

    Cards that make the deck really go. Deadeye Navigator , Reveillark , Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle , Blasting Station , and Summoning Station will all offer various interactions and provide value to the deck.

    Combos & Fun Synergies

    I'll add to this list as I play the deck and see more things come together. It's important to keep in mind that if Raff Capashen, Ship's Mage is on the battlefield, then many of these combos can go off at instant speed, helping to provide some more win conditions for the deck. Some of them are Magical Christmas Land scenarios, but that's the fun part!
    Enduring Renewal + Hangarback Walker , infinite sac-and-return to play effects; lots of potential, and doesn't require the sac outlet.
    Ashnod's Altar + Enduring Renewal + Ornithopter , infinite mana, although I don't really have an outlet for it right now...
    Ashnod's Altar + Enduring Renewal + Ornithopter + Efficient Construction , infinite tokens. If Raff is on the board, I can do this at instant speed prior to the end of the previous opponent's turn, and then attack with them on my turn.
    Although not an infinite combo, the synergy between Jace Beleren and Smothering Tithe is amusing.
    Cast Ornithopter , trigger Tidespout Tyrant , bounce Memnite , and recast the Memnite , triggering Sai, Master Thopterist along the way for infinite tokens. Then bounce to clear the opponents' boards for attack.
    That's the list. I'm sure there are some things I have listed here that work better on paper than they will perform, but that's what makes playtesting so much fun! I'm sure there are some other cards I've missed that aren't as budget that could really make the deck fly, but I want to stay easy on the budget for the time being, and it doesn't have to be all combo. But as always, I'd love to hear any thoughts and suggestions...and I like upvotes, too!


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