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Radha - Tokens to Infinite Smash

Commander / EDH* Aggro RG (Gruul) Tokens


Why Play Radha?

Grand Warlord Radha Is a commander that I haven't seen pick up the steam I have expected ever since it's release. One of my favourite cards of all time is Druids' Repository and Radha allows us to have that as a legendary creature with a little gruul flavour added in. The deck can be complex and interesting even though the strategy can be boiled down to turning your board sideways.

You can go Xenagos for your big creatures or Ruric thar for your purists out there, but for Gruul tokens, Radha is a great choice. This build leans heavily into that and going into a token-heavy strategy allows you to pump some crazy amount of mana into mana sinks such as Rhonas the Indomitable and Genesis Wave . Radha can allow us to ramp up our deck in terms of mana and the wideness of our board quite quickly and exponentially. This allows us to free up some of our Ramp slots for some interesting and great effects eg; Sunbird's Invocation .

Gramdma Rampa Radha

Sure, Grand Warlord Radha (GWR) generates us a significant amount of mana in a perfect situation, but our deck runs a fair few expensive cards, x costs and mana sinks, and it's good to have a back-up plan to get to them without entirely relying on GWR.

We're running as many of the good gruul duels as possible to ensure we can get Radha out ASAP. All the standards of Kodama's Reach, Sol Ring and Wood Elves will get us where we need, and Harvest Season, Druids' Repository, Gaea's Cradle and Growing Rites of Itlimoc   will make sure we can stay ahead once we solidify our aggro advantage.

To ensure we are fixed as well as ramped,Wooded Foothills, Wood Elves and Skyshroud Claim will fetch us some of those early lands like Stomping Ground or even grab us a Dryad Arbor if we need the early versatility of land/body.


Into the part that makes GWR truly interesting to play. The token creation in this build gets us where we want with our many, many swingers attacking, generating mana and dealing damage. We run a series of token staples with Avenger of Zendikar. Dragonlair Spider and both the Hanweir melds (Hanweir Garrison, Hanweir Battlements).

We also run a few token creators that work particularly well with Radha's Ability to generate us mana to put into them. Tilonalli's Summoner, Ant Queen and Wort, the Raidmother certainly get us where we want here.

Finally we have our Doubling Season and Parallel Lives which are essentials for getting our deck out of hand faster than our opponents can handle.

Combat Steps

All we need is 5 creatures out and we go infinite with Aggravated Assault or we can just get a Savage Ventmaw out and swinging.

We also run Hellkite Charger so we have more than one use of these as well as getting some one-time uses out of effects like Combat Celebrant and Savage Beating


Our main strategy is very transparent and so once our opponents have built up and begun to grow their boards and play their threats it can become quite hard to overcome them. But we are Gruul, we see big wall and get even bigger fist to punch through!

Overwhelming Stampede, Craterhoof Behemoth and Savage Beating can allow us to sneak a win out of nowhere or just finish off that extra opponent who thought they were safe.

If we aren't able to attack an opponent with our tokens, Impact Tremors can provide a way of putting our tokens to good use simply by their creation. Shaman of Forgotten Ways is also a great way to take care of that annoying Pillow-fort opponent.


Removed Llanowar Elves, added Hull Breach

Removed Mycoloth, added Arachnogenesis

Removed Comet Storm, added Wort, the Raidmother

Removed Ruric Thar, the Unbowed, added Shaman of Forgotten Ways

Removed Commander's Sphere, added Bramble Sovereign

Removed Primal Vigor, added Rhythm of the Wild

Removed Cultivate, added Chancellor of the Forge

Removed Gruul Signet, added Druids' Repository

Removed Rhythm of the Wild, added Throne of the God-Pharaoh

Removed Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs, added Legion Warboss

Removed Mountain, added Tendershoot Dryad

Removed Overwhelming Stampede, added Mycoloth

Removed Forest , added Gaea's Cradle

Removed Forest , added Strip Mine

Removed Throne of the God-Pharaoh , added Finale of Devastation

Removed Helm of the Host, added Collector Ouphe

Removed Mycoloth, added Ohran Frostfang

Removed Dragonlair Spider, added Dragon Broodmother

Removed Hellrider, added Idol of Oblivion

Removed Forest, added Fireflux Squad

To be Pimped :

Finale of Devastation, Parallel Lives, Craterhoof Behemoth, Xenagos, God of Revels


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