Background on this deck. A friend and I have decided to use tier 4 commanders and a $50 budget to challenge our deck building skills, I've also made jori en, diving on a budget. He's made Budget Simic and making it a blink deck with combat triggers Mistblade Shinobi . I'm trying to be mean with land destruction and big creatures.

Basic game plan is turn 2 Radha, Heir to Keld , turn 3 Explosive Vegetation type effect, turns 4-8 cast big creatures and ramp more, turns 8+ destroy lands with Wildfire , Destructive Flow or Epicenter . Then hopefully win i guess :)

Some deck building guild lines I'm trying to use are very little artifacts and enchantments so my Bane of Progress and Wave of Vitriol are great, creatures with preferably 6 or more toughness so they don't get caught in a Crater Hellion , Wildfire , Destructive Force or Lavaball Trap .

A minor theme is lots of sorceries for Magnivore

Some cards i'm on the fence about, especially with the guild lines i've described above are

Charmbreaker Devils is card advantage, but gets caught up in all my 4 damage kill spells.

Tyrant's Familiar is great, but conditional on my commander being alive.

Epicenter is only good if I'm ahead or have Splendid Reclamation

Rubblehulk is just a big dude. Granted it's very big, but that's all it does.

Cloudthresher is a flash threat, which is nice. The downsides are that it doesn't' have evasion and I'd be swapping it with a flying creature.

Warstorm Surge is amazing, but it does get caught up in my artifact/enchantment hate

Vicious Shadows is the same story as above. Really good but I'm trying to run no enchantments

Flameblast Dragon costs a lot of mana to use his ability, it's good but maybe another dragon would be better

Moment's Peace I thought I needed this type of effect, but maybe all i need is Thaumatic Compass  

If anyone has feedback about some different cards I could swap in I'd love to hear them!

I have just created this deck and if anyone has suggestions I'd really appreciate it!


Updates Add

Took out Momentous Fall for Life's Legacy - Swapped for budget reasons. I think the legacy is a worse card because it's not an instant, but I really wanted to Etali, Primal Storm !!

took out Peregrination for Harvest Season - I think this could be a great upgrade!

Took out Shefet Monitor for Thaumatic Compass  Flip - The monitor might make it's way back in, but for now the compass flipping into a budget Maze of Ith is great!

Took out a Mountain for a Timber Gorge - silly dual lands I didn't know about

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