Racist Nissa - Black Edition:

Green/Black elves with some of my Nissa's, basically Nissa, why are you so sELFish? + black.

way more expensive because lands lands lands

but cheaper because magic

One of the biggest decisions of this deck was the color. would i go green white collected company elves, green black coco elves, combo elves, more tribal less instants???

For this decklist purposes, I chose to go Greenblack, as a backup alternative when mono green coco elves dies in my meta. i chose not to run Lys Alana Huntmaster, because it forces me to overcommit to the board, and with my opponent damns me i die.


not much to see here. Of course stuck in the almost generic elves, just nettle sentinel because theyre ugly. not really the main reason, but also i dont really like using them and no room.

Shaman of the Pack: very fun to make opponent lose life, also synergy with Prowess of the Fair.

Heritage Druid: although you need to tap 3, no summoning sickness issues.


of course, none. because im totally not running a bunch of black lotuses which are totally sorceries.


nothing. totally.

I chose to run only 3x collected and 2x chord because

  1. Chord of Calling isn't as important, and is just an instant speed card I have in as a backup.
  2. Lead the Stampede makes me mana screwed.
  3. Collected Company is expensive.


none of course. besides that nissa on the sidelines.


At least 2 forest (cause only land), at least 1 mystic or llanowar elves, and a 3 drop, or a second 1 drop and 2 drop (to cast on turn 2). An example of a good hand (not counting removals) would be 1x elvish mystic, 2x llanowar elves, 1x heritage druid, 1x elvish archdruid, 2x forest. then, turn 1 mystic, turn 2 first druid and 2 elves, then tap all for an archdruid. then turn 3 topdeck ezuri and win. What not to keep: 0 land. If your only hope of survival is your opponent is more screwed than you, than your hand sucks.


Turn 1. You should be playing an Elvish Mystic, or a Llanowar Elves.

Turn 2. any elf lord, especially, Elvish Archdruid, but if you can, then 2 more mystic / llanowar elves, a Heritage Druid, and then a 3 drop.

turn 3. can you play Lys Alana Huntmaster? . if you don't have much mana you should probably concede now. because you won't be able to stabilize if you've utterly failed your first 2 turns. this is why modern is a turn 2 format.

Actually, the inclusion of black allows for you to survive one boardwipe. Prowess of the Fair lets you get tokens out of Elvish Mystic, effectively bringing it back (just without the mana ability).

Suggestions and/or feedback is appreciated.

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