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Quirion Dryad, Standard-Tarmogoyf

Standard Control GWU (Bant) Tempo



This deck is based off of Quirion Dryad. It's caught between Midrange and Control. Quirion Dryad can benefit from both play-styles so I figure I'd have a go at making a deck based around Quirion Dryad. Unfortunately Quirion Dryad isn't as good when I can't play spells like Gut Shot or Dismember, but I see it as being an easy win-condition if an opponent can't answer one during the early game.

The objective of early-game is to drop Quirion Dryad turn two, and 'grow' it as fast as possible. Ideal situation calls for a Spectral Flight the turn following a Quirion Dryad, but other spells so help set the tempo that can be cast are Geist of Saint Traft who does the very same as Quirion Dryad, which is ending the game early if they can't answer it. Lyev Skyknight works as a great defensive and offensive tool and smooths the mana-curve being a great card to drop after you play Quirion Dryad.


Tamiyo, the Moon Sage - My second favorite walker plays perfectly in this deck. Her +1 ability keeps those big threats under lock-down and when the going gets tough, her -2 ability can help you draw into some answers. Also if Tamiyo resolves her final ability then it's game over for the other player, especially if I can find a Feeling of Dread or Terminus .

Jace, Architect of Thought - As my favorite walker, Jace is simply perfect for this deck. Most control decks that made Top 8 in states played 3-4 copies of Jace. His -2 is just like Tamiyo's but less conditional which makes it better, because he delves through a lot of your deck when you need him to, especially during late game.

Dungeon Geists - One of my favorite cards from Dark Ascension. He creates offense by providing defense. If the game becomes a war of attrition then drawing Dungeon Geists can be huge when you need that one swing of a momentum.

Lyev Skyknight - Works well in following up Quirion Dryad and allows you to buy a turn, thus giving your Dryad more time to grow. And as a 3/1 flyer for 1WU is great offense. Skyknight plays great for both Control and Midrange.

Geist of Saint Traft - He's the one and only Traft. Suited up with Spectral Flight, there isn't much an opponent can do against this guy, and he also works as a Quirion Dryad in himself because he can so very easily end a game. Not much more to say about Traft except he's amazing.

Sigarda, Host of Herons - She's a 5/5 Flyer for 2GWW with Hexproof and anti- Tribute to Hunger / Killing Wave . A win-condition is herself, she fits the 5-role really well as a 1-of.

Thragtusk - It's Thragtusk. At first I played this deck making sure there were no mono-green spells, so every spell I cast would trigger Quirion Dryad but it's Thragtusk; he's the best around when it comes to board-stalls, game-extending, and bashing your opponent for a creature that costs 4G. I'm only playing two because he doesn't do too much if my Dryad is already dominating the board.

Restoration Angel - Works as a great 1-of due to it works exceptionally well with Geist of Saint Traft , Lyev Skyknight and Dungeon Geists and extremely well with Thragtusk . Also a 3/4 flyer for 3W.

Detention Sphere - Oblivion Ring + better. Wipes down tokens, and holds down those big threats. Great card for control.

Spectral Flight - Works great with any creature on my list, but best of all with Quirion Dryad and Geist of Saint Traft . I prefer Spectral Flight over Rancor in this deck because it triggers Quirion Dryad and I think it's just a better card.

Feeling of Dread - Paves the way for Quirion Dryad, Geist of Saint Traft and Thragtusk . Also works as a game-extender when I need it to.At least 3 copies is a must if I can get 2 Quirion Dryad triggers per card.

Sphinx's Revelation - It works great late game, and it's better than Blue Sun's Zenith due to the life-gain, so I don't have to be too worried about the life I'll be losing when I cast this card. Always want X to be at least 3.

Terminus - Board-control. Synergy with Thragtusk

Silent Departure - Board control. Flashback.


Centaur Healer - Works really well on the Curve. Gain 3 life, and a 3/3 is huge.

Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage - Grixis is the #1 enemy to this deck, because a war of attrition is never good to be in against Grixis. Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage helps create progress in a war of attrition with all the excess mana I have late-game.

Pithing Needle - Lotleth Troll , Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius and planeswalkers are annoying. Pithing Needle helps me tune them out.

Oblivion Ring - More removal. Typical for Lyev Skyknight or Feeling of Dread to come out for this if they can't do the job efficiently.

Purify the Grave - Keeps frites off my back. Can't play Rest in Peace because of 5 important copies of Flashback spells.

Dissipate - Need to counter those big threats such as Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker, Bonfire of the Damned or Angel of Serenity

Terminus - When you need aggravate your opponent by screwing up whatever they were doing, Terminus . Synergy with Thragtusk , Jace and Tamiyo especially well.

Supreme Verdict - Uncounterable Day of Judgment


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Currently playtesting Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage in place of an Oblivion Ring and a Dungeon Geists because in games of Attrition I find myself with too much leftover mana.

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