Her bite is deadly.


Olivia Voldaren is one of the most flavorful Legends in Magic: The Gathering. She becomes more powerful as her bite transforms her enemies into loyal vampiric subjects. With Deathtouch, however, Olivia Voldaren's bite brings an end to all who oppose her.



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Sicohippy says... #1

Definitely add Homeward Path, you never know when having opponent's creatures on the battlefield might end up backfiring for you.

I love this deck, and I wanna help with it, maybe consider adding Champion's Helm and Swiftfoot Boots. Given Olivia's ability, you absolutely don't wanna lose control of her if you can help it, be it through dying, another control effect like Bribery, or death.

I would suggest searching for more ways to stop her from being Pongify'd or Hero's Downfalled.

Also, EDH is a format where there's almost always going to be somebody at the table in the same colour scheme as you are (think that its a multiplayer format where is arguably the 2nd strongest colour, and most players will have 2,3, or 4 colour schemes), so I'd also suggest going for the classic Murder instead of Doom Blade. Yeah it costs another , but it'll save your skin when you've got an unblockable Volrath the Fallen on your hands, or when something like Phage the Untouchable comes to get you.

You don't have to remove Doom Blade if you don't want, but in EDH I've never been a fan of it. Its more of a modern side-board card in my eyes.

April 27, 2017 5:13 p.m.

DarkEclipse18 says... #2

Following on the idea of doom blade replacements, look to Amonkhet for the answer. With the set now released, I would say the replacement is Never//Return is basically a second hero downfall

April 28, 2017 1:41 a.m.

Karzalar says... #3

Removal Suggestions :

Black Sun's Zenith for a mass removal that can make creatures only 1/1 instead of huge threats, if needed. Also destroys Indestructible.

Silence the Believers because exile > destroy!

Chaos Warp because you never know when an enchantment (something your deck will have a LOT of trouble to get rid of), or something you just can't normally destroy, may come up. But you have to gamble for it.

Scour from Existence is costly, but you can even remove a land.

Unstable Obelisk doubles as ramp, and can remove something.

Grip of Desolation is, again, creature / land exile.

Draw Suggestions :

Phyrexian Arena is just too good to pass up.

Others :

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx because who doesn't love a load of mana when your commander needs that whole lot of it?

Patriarch's Bidding recurs any vampire you've lost.

April 28, 2017 4:23 a.m.

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