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Queen of Sacrifice

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EDH. The bestest and funnest Commander deck I've ever made, and my baby. I've had other Commander decks, but I always come back to her. There's just something so fun about rattlesnaking up and clearing the field at will.

Unlike most Savra decks, the point of this one isn't to get things in the graveyard. If I'm playing this deck right, I'll barely ever have anything in my graveyard, and when I do, it'll come out pretty quickly. The main strategy for this deck is to sacrifice black creature tokens and use them to wipe the board. There are no board wipes like Damnation or Life's Finale or Plague Wind. Because black board wipes are hard on the wallet. But also because my Commander is the board wipe, with Butcher of Malakir and Grave Pact as back ups.

It's getting to the point where every card has a purpose. A few things, like Sadistic Hypnotist, are there simply because they can sac and have a nice ability. Things like that, and Massacre Wurm, have never really helped me out as much as you'd think. A few cards I have to get are Endrek Sahr and the new Golgari Champion, who is, frankly, fucking amazing, as well as Phyrexian Altar.

There was an infinite combo where I could sacrifice Symbiotic Beast to Ashnod's Altar to get two life, 3 mana, and four insect tokens, then sacrifice an insect token in response to put Nim Deathmantle on Symbiotic Beast and return it to play as a black zombie, then sac it, pay 2 life to Savra, rinse, and repeat to wipe the board at a moment's notice and get a net of 1/1 insects, but I chose to take the Beast out.

The main draw of the deck is Creakwood Liege, which in addition to making Savra of reasonable size to use for Commander damage, is also a constant source of tokens that let me sac the board for free. Basically, my playgroup knows that Creakwood Liege has a KOS order, not that he's likely to stay dead. And I can generally sacrifice him in response to any exile or tuck effects. Of course, in the graveyard only Doomed Necromancer or Necromancy could save him from a Bojuka Bog or Tormod's Crypt, which is why I rarely like to let things stay in the graveyard. The reliance on tokens, and high amount of recursion also has made the deck surprisingly resilient to graveyard hate.

Where the deck is lacking is primarily in enchantment hate (almost all of the straight up destruction in my deck is enchantment hate, and once someone drops Tajuru Preserver or Jubilation Angel or something, I'm pretty much fucked. I can deal with a Rest In Peace, but it really slows down how much I'm willing to sac.


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