I want to cast doublecast into Quasiduplicate on crazy red stuff for the janky memes.

Edit 1: I replaced Doublecast with Expansion / Explosion as it's a strictly better version of the effect with more options. I also added in a light artifact package to help us survive the early game and draw into our late game. I also added in a play set of the gates for more consistency of having triple red on 3 for the Goblin Chainwhirler and I think this was a correct call. This new version has felt a lot better but I'm open to suggestions on how to make this list more consistent.

Edit 2: The artifact package I added to get more card draw through Scholar of Stars is too inconsistent even with the addition of Aviation Pioneer. I will be removing both cards. I am going to be testing Legion Warboss in place of the pioneer and replacing the Scholar with one more copy of Chemister's Insight a couple copies of Lava Coil and I with the addition of Warboss I'd also like to test Volley Veteran as a 1 of. Also since we are almost completely red now I went down to 3 islands.

Edit 3: Went down to 2 copies of Fight with Fire and up to 4 copies of Lava Coil as the coil felt relevant more often.


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