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4-Time Unblockable Human Infect!

I just wanted to test this low-budget Deck.

Mainplayers are the unblockable Blues paired with Silverblade Paladin for Double STRIKE. Same mutiple Damageboost from Silver-Inlaid Dagger, Moment of Heroism (Lifelink to keep lifes up) or Bonds of Faith. With the double DAMAGE from Inquisitor's Flail they will hit real hard. Knight of Glory for Exalted and it could get benefits form Human-Boosts.

Bonds of Faith also useful to keep the board clean with O-ring and same protection from removals with Faith's Shield and Swiftfoot Boots.

Maybe I will add some Cathedral of War ?


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Put in some more Controlspells and added Sideboard inspired by UW : ExaltedControl FNM.


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