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Pyrolectric Firing Squad

Modern Burn Mono-Red Storm


Ready!... Aim!... FIRE!... FIRE!.. FIRE!, FIRE!, FIRE!FIRE!FIRE!

Usually a turn 4 or 5 win, by using a storm of cantrip spells to channel damage through Electrostatic Field, Firebrand Archer, and Guttersnipe. The spells fuel Runaway Steam-Kin which perpetuate mana. Follow up a storm with Grapeshot, and taste the salt from across the table.


T1: Play Quest for Pure Flame or Molten Vortex

T2: Runaway Steam-Kin, (For future continuous mana production), Electrostatic Field or Firebrand Archer.

T3: Guttersnipe; or any other pingers + proc Molten Vortex or drop Quest for Pure Flame.

T4: Play the longest storm chain possible. Each spell triggers damage, includes a Draw cantrip, and adds counters to Steam-Kin.

Damage dealt this way gets around players with Shroud, and hits all opponents, making this a "hot" multi-player deck.

While you're doing damage, Quest for Pure Flame racks up counters like a coked-up 1980's pinball machine, and doubles up the damage for the turn's duration when sac'd.

End any chain with a Grapeshot, or Grim Lavamancer/Molten Vortex proc.

Grim Lavamancer and Molten Vortex trim fat, by turning mid-storm drawn land and spent spells into damage.

Hope you guys like it! It's a LOT of fun! And has proven to be shockingly consistent so far, which I'm very excited about. Please, leave any feedback and suggestions below!

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Changed the name to something a bit more descriptive.

Just found a typo in the vote up card link. Just wondering how many likes didn't stick because I'm a dumbass.????

Rise and conquer, my magic friends!!

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