Intruder Alarm + mana dorks = all kinds of stuff! Intruder Alarm + Herald of Anafenza + 3 dork mana = all the dudes. Intruder Alarm + Kazandu Tuskcaller (with 2 level counters) = all the phants. And if you have Arcanis the Omnipotent or Enclave Cryptologist (with 3 level counters) you can draw your deck while you make all the tokens to get Fervor and win on your turn or Banefire to win on your opponent's turn (for if you get the deck draw combo on their turn with Prophet of Kruphix). Even if you don't get either of those combos off then good ol' Craterhoof Behemoth is ready to show up and make all the dorks beefy. I could use help getting a more solid list of mana dorks, I kinda just piled in a whole bunch of useful seeming ones.

Play the entire deck by turn four like this: Turn 1: forest, Birds of Paradise turn 2: island, Intruder Alarm turn 3: (remember Birds of Paradise wont be untaped on your untap step unless your opponent played a creature) plains, Bloom Tender (this untaps Birds of Paradise), Herald of Anafenza (this untaps Birds of Paradise), Enclave Cryptologist (this untaps Birds of Paradise), use Birds of Paradise and remaining land to put 1 level counter on Enclave Cryptologist turn 4: use Bloom Tender's 3 mana to outlast Herald of Anafenza (this untaps everybody which means you have now entered the stage with infinite creatures and thus infinite untaps and thus infinite mana), use that mana to put 2 more level counters on Enclave Cryptologist and draw your deck for Fervor and a turn 4 win.

I'm thinking about Mentor of the Meek and Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker but am not sure what to remove to make room for them.



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