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Inspired by an article on MtgGoldfish that I tweaked to my own liking. Thus we have tribal elephants with our main tactic being to combine deathtouch + trample + lure to kill all of the defending player's creatures and let our other elephants slap them with their trunks.

Selvala is a superb commander because she gives us much needed mana and card advantage (and she has a card with elephants!). While she does net our opponents card advantage too this is meant for casual play so whatevs. Another commander consideration is Karametra, God of Harvests because she would help us ramp consistently.

Our other card advantage outlets try to capitalize on our strategy: most elephants are +3/x so Elemental Bond is gold, Infiltration Lens is superb with Lure effects, Mask of Memory encourages us to attack and others want us to have a board state which we oblige.

We need a good amount of ramp because most elephants are CMC3-5 so we have a blend of sorceries and artifacts that get lands onto the battlefield to thin our deck and not worry about rocks getting pulverized (MLD is not see often in my meta).

Suggestions, as always, are welcome!


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