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This deck is special. Very fun and very special. It's a Tap/Destroy deck idea I got from Bizkitz. The whole thing was built around the ability to tap or untap with the same creature. Thus being able to tap an ability, untap, and then tap it again as much as needed.

The idea came from Fatestitcher and Royal Assassin mostly to continuously destroy tapped creatures I'd been attacked with or to tap creatures and then untap my Assassin and destroy another one. That's just the meat and potatoes of the deck though. The real killers, the icing on the cake, is to have Mortivore in the deck to build up with the mass of creatures being destroyed.

But did I mention that Vess and Jace are here too? Guess not...The key for having the two of them is to help build creature count in the grave by discarding with Vess or decking with Jace. But wait there's more. Because if somehow Mortivore is defeated, I can just bring out all the stops with Vess and get every single last creature destroyed or discarded to work for me! Funtastic.

The side deck is just as fun and builds off of the fact that I'm going to be putting away many creatures, or controlling the bigger badder ones you have to throw at me.

.:EDIT:.This deck came in the mail last week and it's been doing pretty well. However, my opponent continuously gets the lucky shuffles/draws and will end up with Vess or Progen within the first six turns depending on which deck he used. Tonight however, I'll be testing it against newer decks!


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