Godo has just one job. Grab the hat and put it on.

100% ridiculous | Godo + Helm = Win. It can happen on turn 1, but 4/5 is more likely.

That's all the deck does. Just the one thing. Total focus.

How it works:

  1. Ramp into Godo, who tutors the Helm of the Host into play. If you can muster 11 mana, you can equip it at the same time. Otherwise, you'll be waiting a turn to win.

  2. When combat begins, the Helm triggers, creating a token copy of Godo. You could technically go fetch another equipment, but there aren't any, so shush.

  3. The token copy attacks, triggering an additional combat phase. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until your opponents see red.

What happens if someone exiles the helm? Say it with me. Eye-Con-Seed. There, next game.


4 mana - Treasonous Ogre - Absolute unit. Win. Now.

7 mana - Magnetic Theft - Cast Godo and use this to equip the Helm.

8 mana - Final Fortune/Last Chance - Cast it and Godo, then equip and win on your next (last) turn.

9 mana - Glorious End - Cast Godo and pass. Stopping your opponent's turn right before they draw is basically taking an extra turn in a duel.

Turn One Wins

Mountain > Mana Vault > Lotus Petal > Treasonous Ogre. Pay 33 life for 11 mana. Cast Godo, fetch helm, equip.

Or with this combination of cards:

Crystal Vein > Sol Ring > Simian Spirit Guide > Seething Song > Rite of Flame. Cast Godo, fetch helm, use Magnetic Theft to equip it.


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