Ponza with a deeper focus on land hate which I casually called "Purple Rain".

It is a home brew and currently my competitive deck.

The sideboard: most of the sideboard card are obvious but the Ghost Quarter and Crucible of Worlds. You side them in when you face a deck where Blood Moon isn't really effective. So you play Crucible of Worlds and can literally crack Ghost Quarter and Encroaching Wastes every turn.

Counterflux may be odd in here but it's the only way I found to win against Storm and Ad Nauseam.

Pithing Needle is to call Aether Vial or Planeswalker or fetchlands. Because you play Land Destruction so your opponent will crack their fetchlands at end of your turn so you cast Pithing Needle , ask if it resolve and if your opponent say it resolve, it enter the battlefield THEN you call his fetchland and at that moment it is to late for him to crack it. In short you destroyed his fetchland for 1 colorless mana.

I will be posting weekly results since its born (27-04-2017) with this deck below.

Week 1: 3-1 (3rd place)

2-0 vs junk

2-0 vs mono red burn

1-2 vs UB Faerie

2-1 vs Jeskai Saheeli/Cat Combo

Week 2: 3-1 (3rd place)...

2-0 Junk Infect

2-1 5 colors control 4x Geist

2-1 8rack

1-2 BG Tron (Mulligan to 4 no land-scooped)

Week 3 (GP Montreal ELIMINATION):

2-0 Living End

2-1 Grixis DS

1-2 Ponza OUT



New003 says... #1

Posted 2nd week result.

May 12, 2017 2:13 p.m.

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