This is my first Standard deck, so I would appreciate suggestions and tips.

The deck has a lot of instants/sorceries and all of the creatures take advantage of that. I've also tried to make it able to win quickly or play a prolonged game if needed. I'm also on a tight budget so keep that in mind please.

I would really like some input for a sideboard.

Niblis of Frost is nice to have when you play a longer game. His ability is just amazing.

Stormchaser Mage is just badass, 1/3 with flying, prowess, and haste for 2 mana!

Thermo-Alchemist does a lot more damage than most people think. He is also good for blocking other aggro decks in the early game.

Bedlam Reveler requires no introductions. He's killer. His card draw is nice to have as well as being a 3/4 with prowess.
Shock is particularly useful in triggering prowess and other abilities, and since they won't reprint Lightning Bolt, it's the closest we get.

Hungry Flames has become one of my favorite burn spells, similar to Searing Blood .

Incendiary Flow replaced Collective Defiance because it's faster.

Select for Inspection is good for bouncing creatures or spells, you can also bounce your own spells to trigger prowess or Thermo-Alchemist.

Fevered Visions will hopefully keep me from running out of gas, along with Anticipate, plus Fevered Visions deals damage.
This is mainly for me to talk to myself, as well as provide the world my brilliant insight that no one wants to hear.

Since people usually ask me, the title is from a song, it's by Indo G.

I'm not running Spirebluff Canal because of the price, I'm gonna try to pick some up later on.

Oh and screw the person that came up with Felidar Guardian and made Saheeli's price go up. Lol

The reason I built a standard deck is because my LGS doesn't have Modern very often.

Currently trying to decide what to replace Curious Homunculus  Flip with, man oh man, I wish Monastery Swiftspear was still legal.

Holy Shit! #2, that is insane. If I make it to #1 I may have a stroke. I'm always shocked when people like my decks for some reason.

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