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Combining the tribal theme in Magic decks with other strategies always puts a smile on my face. So imagine my sense of mirth when I discovered yet again a commander who was very well suited to just such a strategy. Purphoros, God of the Forge is without a doubt the most powerful deity to come out of Theros and boy, can he pack a punch! This deck contains many ways to trigger his 2 damage player-nuking, as well as all kinds of cool stuff to create a nasty goblin army (in case I'm forced to do without Purphy).

Feedback to this deck is more than welcome, but before you give any, please take note of the following:

With that being said, thank you for all your support and if you should decide to use my ideas, have lots of fun with them.

This commander deck is amongst the most powerful I own. Not because it's particularly fast, but because it becomes absolutely devastating during the mid-game. Though its ramp options are limited, it can still be pretty fast. Especially once we start to move into the mid-game. So, in order to run a smooth game, I try to follow the following strategy:

Though synergy between Purphoros, God of the Forge and the wonderful token generation cards in this deck should be plenty to finish off your opponents, I couldn't resist adding some classic red combo's to make stuff even more interesting:


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Found a person who was very interested in some of my older cards and managed to trade stuff I never used for some very interesting additions to this deck. As a result, some changes have been made:

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