This is my main EDH deck. I have 95% of cards on paper, exept from latest releases (but I will get them as soon as they becomes avaliable). I tune this deck up with each new MTG release, so it's always evolves and becomes more fast, more resilent and more powerfull. As with most of my decks, you won't find infinite combos here (I mostly try to avoid building deck's around them), but it's full of synergy and cunning shenanigans. I wasn't trying to reinvent the wheel so gameplan as easy as ABC: 1st step - cast commander; 2nd step - have creatures enter the battlefield under your control; 3rd step - sit and watch the world burn!

Any suggestions, comments and criticism are welcome!


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Actually deck wasnt been on hiatus, cuz I always make some changes and tunes in it, but now I will check it more often and will be add a detailed description of each upcoming update.

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+1 Deflecting Swat maybe
-1 Goblin War Party maybe
-1 Purphoros's Intervention maybe
-1 Tome of Legends maybe