Just a poke about with a half remembered recobbling of one of my favorite decks I ever built. It was a fun one, pity I had to sell my Swords. :P

With this version I've made Red more of a meager spash rather than the 50/50 commitment it was before. I also left out cards that were in it before that I no longer own and I threw in some other stuff just for the funs.

I know Kite Shield is really underwhelming but I'm seeing how effective it can be at giving me cat tokens off of Kemba. With a Paladin out it doesn't really cost me anything either as it replaces itself.

Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks!


I have been playing with this deck and I'm determined to just try random crap out with it to see what is the most fun/helpful/amusing thing I can do with it. I know it is really janky but that is part of its unique charm!

The deck itself actually performs pretty well, if I get my Paladin on turn 2 then I can usually dump at least three artifacts onto the field and typically gain back the cards immediately.

The biggest issue this deck has had is with Champion of Lambholt as that sucker gets big rather quickly. :P

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Dritz says... #1

Ok, Got three Paladins out the other day. BURIED my opponent in card advantage. He conceded when he ended up with all sac'ed or exiled creatures and I equipped up a Kemba to a 7/17. It was AWESOME.

July 12, 2012 1:42 p.m.

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