This deck is an attempt to focus on a less aggro build for Zada, and make use of the absurd card draw and high ceiling for token entry. The traditional combat buffs are still very much present and are a viable win-con, along with Mob Rule if you want to just swing out, but our novel win-cons are Psychosis Crawler , ideally paired up with Fateful Showdown to try and shotgun two opponents in one turn, and Warstorm Surge / Impact Tremors coupled with cards that can double our creature count for a turn (a personal favourite is Hellion Eruption and I'd definitely include Descent of the Dragons if you have it. To guard ourselves against the threat of overdrawing and milling ourselves out, the deck includes Spellbook and Reliquary Tower and I would suggest including Thought Vessel too if you have it, we're going to want to draw a big hand and hang onto those spells for a big finisher in one turn ideally.

Other than these inclusions, the list follows a fairly standard plan of flooding the board with goblin and thopter tokens, then copying a suite of cantrips and combat buffs to get serious value out of cheap cards. Mob Justice , Goblin War Strike , and Burn at the Stake are great finishers too if you have enough tokens, and cards like Firebrand Archer , Electrostatic Field , and Guttersnipe can turn our small spells into reliable damage over the course of the game. Kari Zev's Expertise sets us up for truly explosive turns, and Charmbreaker Devils gives us a certain measure of recursion for our spells.

The deck is rather light on removal, with Unstable Obelisk being our only chance to deal with enchantments, so feel free to splash in cards like Meteor Golem , Scour from Existence , and Universal Solvent . Release the Gremlins and Goblin Trashmaster do let us handle artifact removal pretty well, but red has lots of ways to deal with artifacts if that proves an issue in your playgroup (I recommend Turn to Slag and Blastfire Bolt if your group is particularly fond of Voltron decks). For now, I've tried to keep to cards that synergize well with our token generation and goblin tribal themes, which is why our mana ramp is also primarily creature-based. Even though mana dorks like Manakin and Hedron Crawler are slightly slower than rock such as Mind Stone , they do provide another body to up Zada's copy count even further.

EDIT: Made a few tweaks to focus in on our new strategies and shore up our weaknesses. Notably, I removed Kiln Fiend and Hellrider, along with some of the combat buffs, as swinging out for damage isn't our main goal anymore. I've added a bit of recursion in the form of Shreds of Sanity , Surreal Memoir and Volcanic Vision to fetch back our win-cons for a second use of Fateful Showdown or Mob Rule, or even Kari Zev's Expertise if we need it. I've also upped the number of removal spells, including all of the "destroy permanent" effects I could find in colourless, as well as some strong direct damage spells that synergize well with our plan to have lots of tokens and lots of cards in hand, such as Outnumber , Sudden Impact , and Spiraling Embers , both of which are basically clones of Fateful Showdown without the looting effect. I'm contemplating cutting out the aggro buffs entirely to try and include some damage multiplier effects here to turn these into one-shot kills, but as it is, if we can fill up our hand sufficiently, they'll often be enough to finish off an opponent. A major weakness of any deck that relies this heavily on card draw is milling yourself out, so to guard against that, I've added Elixir of Immortality and Cranial Archive to let us shuffle our graveyard back into our library (as the icing on the cake, both can be played for free off of Kari Zev's expertise. If you have it, obviously include Alhammarret's Archive here, but as I don't have that in my collection, nor is it within my current budget, I haven't included it in the list. Skullclamp could be a possible inclusion, although most of the time, we want to keep our creatures on the field to get the maximum number of copies for out draw spells, so the fact that Skullclamp requires us to sacrifice creatures to it makes it a bit of a non-bo with our overall strategy.


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