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Psshh Colors are Overrated! (Colorless Control)

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Based off this old standard deck.

I'm updating this list for modern. Basically it's a deck that uses no colors! This means that you can use a land base that can do things on its own! This deck uses a lot of artifacts that use ounters, as well as several artifacts that add counters. Everflowing Chalice with proliferate allows for some pretty nutty ramp. Meanwhile you control their board with Tumble Magnet and Lux Cannon. Eventually you can slam a Wurmcoil Engine or Steel Hellkite and win. You can also win through Inkmoth Nexus + proliferate, Dread Statuary beatdown, or just force them to ragequit after locking them down with Lux Cannons :)

Tell me what you think and leave suggestions!


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